ExploreLife.Today gives people access to the largest collection of things to do ever created. We help people find new places to go and activities to do. Play new games and try different things to eat. If you want to settle the age old boredom question of “What do you want to do?” you will use ExploreLife.Today to get the answer. 

What is it?

ExploreLife.Today is a project to collect and catalog every activity in the world and turn that information into a search platform that will allow people to easily discover new things to do. The activities are searchable by almost every way imaginable. Search by words, phrases, categories, themes or by what mood you are in. Yes, even by your mood. The results are not pre-curated or restricted by SEO or some mysterious algorithm.  Instead, you see all of the results and you determine what to add or remove and what you like and don’t like.

Why does search suck?

Every day people turn to the web to search for new things to do and what they get back is just not that good. Millions of potential results distilled down to 10 links to websites with no way to sort or filter the results. You find your self constantly changing and refining your search just to get pointed to the same few websites that have the best SEO or paid to get to the top.  It is a system that has not fundamentally changed in 20 years. We need a better way to search.

We Collect You Curate

ExploreLife.Today is categorizing, taging, labeling, tasting, watching, smelling, smashing, loving and hating each activity to figure what makes each activity special in a human way. This is where it gets fun. When you search for an activity we show you ALL of the activities. Then you curate the results to find exactly the right activity for you.  For example, you can search for every indoor family game. Then filter those games by a mood like silly, creative or maybe a theme like Science or Amusing. You create your own search journey and discover something new each time. 

Human Built

ExploreLife.Today is a human built search engine  No algorithms, No bots, No AI or machine learning. Contributors from around the world add to the database each day. They provide their expert knowledge and passion to the creation of each activity.  

But can’t you just create a super scraper AI blockchain crypo bot spider to go out and steal everything? No, we humans are the answer.

Our contributors assign human characteristics to each new activity.  We believe that our contributors can better define what is a funny or silly or adventurous activity better than an algorithm can.


Our amazing contributors are  subject matter experts, bloggers, organizations and regular people who have a passion about what they do and want to help the world find new experiences.  They are real people, who atcually hike, bike, eat, drink, love, fight and explore life every day are the best qualified to help build the smartest human curated search engine in the world.

Work with us

Help people discover and experience new activities.

You are super passionate about a topic and want to let everybody in the universe know about it. This is the place for you.  It only takes about 15 minutes to add a new activity.  Bored people everywhere need you help!

Generate traffic to your blog, website or organization

If you have a blog , website or organization that you are trying to promote, contributing to ExploreLife.Today is a great way to get exposed to a huge audience. Every activity, content and image is attributed back to the contributor.  You can also create a profile where users can find out more information about you and what you do.

Build your online reputation, traffic and authority

Content creators, bloggers and growing influencers use ExploreLife.Today to help build links and SEO reputation. Each activity is only created once so early creators become the de facto expert for that activity. Every time that activity comes up it will always show as being created by you.

Showcase amazing photography

Every activity has images and all images have attribution and links back to the photographer or where the image is hosted. A great way to show the world that amazing shot or show off your photography portfolio all while helping inspire people to try a new activity.